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Why Gift Boxes are the Perfect Gift

At Nutmeg + Honey we love having any excuse to celebrate! Whether you need a birthday present, a new baby gift or just a way to simply say thank-you or I’m thinking of you, we believe gift boxes have the potential to make gift-giving magical. So, let’s look at the top 4 reasons why gift boxes are the perfect gift for any occasion.

1. Versatility

Gift boxes can be gifted to family, friends, employees or clients for any big or small occasion. Whether it’s a congratulatory occasion celebrating a new baby or work anniversary, a housewarming gift, or a thinking-of-you gift when someone just needs a little cheering up, there is something for everyone. The right selection of products lets the recipient know that you put time and effort into finding the perfect gift for them.

2. Ready-to-Ship + Custom Options Available

Pre-curated gift boxes are designed to provide easy and quick gifting. The boxes are beautifully presented and all include a personalized handwritten note for the gift recipients. They are ready-to-go and can often be shipped the same business day.

Another option is to build-your-own box. We’re happy to mix and match available products to create a more personalized and custom gift.

Ample customization options are available for businesses, weddings and other special occasions. From including your own stationary to branding boxes with your corporate logo, custom gift boxes are a way to build relationships and show you care.

Wedding Gift Box

3. Reusable & Environmentally Friendly

Our gift boxes are high quality, well-made and extremely durable. We designed them to be keepsake boxes that are too beautiful to throw out. Instead of purchasing expensive storage containers for your house, why not reuse and repurpose your gift box? Try using it as a jewelry box, a craft box for your kids, or a photo storage box.

4. Modern & Unexpected

Everyone’s heard of a gift basket, but how many times have you received a gift box? Gift boxes are a modern take on the old-fashioned traditional gift basket and are designed to wow the recipient with their sophisticated and sleek appearance. Not to mention, people don’t usually expect them so it’s a thoughtful gesture that people appreciate.